Csabahús sausages

The traditional Csaba sausage is a unique combination of expertise, history, and ideal geographical conditions. Sausage-making in Békéscsaba dates back to the 19th century. It was then that the typical taste and characteristics of the sausage developed. All Csabahús sausages are made from high-quality pork, mainly heavy swine meat and belly bacon. Its vivid colors are given by paprika and traditional smoking. The Csabahús plant, founded in 1977, carries on the centuries-old tradition and expertise. To this day, the sausages are smoked in a unique way, on real beechwood coals. This gives the sausage the unmistakable taste, fullness, and aroma of Csabahús sausage. The smoking-drying process takes 2–6 weeks, depending on the type of sausage, during which the sausage loses almost a quarter of its weight. The entire process requires special attention, expertise, and passion in order to ensure that every strand of Csaba sausage meets the highest quality standards and consumer expectations. The Csaba sausage is a famous Hungarian product, aka ‘Hungarikum’, which promotes the values not only of the given region but of the entire country. In recognition of this, on June 18, 2010, the European Commission registered the name “Csaba sausage or Csaba thick sausage” in the register of protected designations of origin and geographical indications with Regulation 531/2010/EU. Thus, Csaba Thick Sausage and ‘Homemade’ Csaba Sausage produced by Kaiser Food proudly owns one of the six Hungarian Geographical Indications (OFJ) registered and protected by the European Commission.

The history of the Csabahús brand

The best pork goes into our sausages, which are seasoned with selected Hungarian red pepper and then slowly smoked in real beechwood smoke. After three days in the smoker, the sausages are ready for drying, during which the flavors mature for several weeks. This ensures that each mouthful of dry sausage is a truly penetrating taste experience. Sausage making in Békéscsaba goes back more than 100 years, and we carry on this centuries-old tradition and expertise. We make our sausages with love, passion, and carefully selected ingredients, which characterize the unforgettable flavors of Csabahús.